Energy management systems

• Energy management systems offer you the possibility of managing the company’s energy resources. These systems are managed by computers that allow, through the software, a lot of functions such as the calculation of the costs of the energy consumed, alarms when certain limits are exceeded (e.g. network voltage, power consumed, etc.), monitoring of certain quantities, automatic disconnection of some consumers.

• The manager or a designated technical manager, have the possibility to follow exactly the actual consumption of electricity, to change their electricity billing tariff, if it does not fall within the optimal tariff, to calculate their specific electricity consumption, on machines, on production lines, on auxiliary installations or on the entire electrical installation.

• The energy balance is a practical way of expressing the principle of energy conservation and highlights the equality between the energies entering and exiting the analyzed contour for a certain period of time.

• In this sense, the energy regime of each receiver (electric motor, electric ovens, industrial machinery, lighting devices) is evaluated separately, on each distribution board, up to the general electrical supply board (at the closing of the energy supply circuit ). A summation of the actual energy consumption per receiver, per machine, per installation and switchboard, per section and per assembly is drawn up.

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