Solutions for the management of consumed energy

The delimitation of individual energy consumption from a unitary energy system can be achieved through an automatic system for managing these consumptions. The management of energy consumption means reading, acquisition, recording, processing and display in real time or through reports.
– The reading of data on energy consumption is carried out by means of intelligent measuring devices;
– Data acquisition is carried out with the help of data concentrators;
– Data recording is performed with the help of data server type software applications installed on local servers or in the Cloud;
– Display of consumption is done through SCADA/HMI software interfaces;
– Consumption reports can be printed on paper or in electronic format.
– elimination of reading mistakes made by the human factor – the data is recorded automatically;
– all invoices with the price of energy consumption are generated automatically;
– elimination of invoicing mistakes;
– the possibility of keeping the database with the recorded data for an unlimited period of time;
– the radical shortening of the time for creating invoices – practically the duration is dependent only on the printing speed of the printer;
– the system is designed to be simple to use and therefore the learning time is reduced to just a few minutes;
– it is not necessary to hire a specialized person – it can be operated by people with elementary education in working with the computer.

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